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Default Re: Core Activity and Mission Statement examples and discussion

A couple of mine, although I use narrative themes as well

Kaltoi (low power fantasy) The characters are members of a largely conquered culture who are working to improve the lot of their people who are now second class citizens. The PCs operate an underground railroad and assist the last bastion of their culture/nation. Themes The power of the bard and an oppressed society.

Game of thrones, take 1 The characters are combat platforms frequently manipulated by those in power. Themes friendships in harsh circumstance, the dehumanizing effects of war.

Cyberpunk history The players run powerful and connected characters, their actions will dictate the changes that happen when the setting is rebooted. No major themes or mission statement, (this worked well without any themes etc)

Dawn of the world The PCs are ageless elves witnessing and participating in the major events of a fantasy world's history. Themes Tolkienesk lessening with time, exploring history.
Waiting for inspiration to strike......
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