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I don't do mission statements based on the system, both because I run a lot of games in universal systems, and because I may very well figure out a campaign idea and run it in a system that was designed for something else. But here are some mission statements from past campaign proposals of mine:

Heartland (GURPS Horror): During the era of Prohibition, the United States sees a secret war between two factions: the Mafia, covertly allied with the Roman Catholic Church, and the vampire-dominated nativists of the Ku Klux Klan. Player characters will be anti-vampire agents of the Mafia.

Sovereignty (GURPS Supers): Player characters will be a voluntary superhuman force devoted to policing the superhuman community by restraining its rogue members.

Whispers (Transhuman Space): At the end of the 21st century, agents of a small private investigative agency deal with informational crimes, from old-fashioned copyright violation and identity theft to unlicensed cloning, nanosocialist sabotage, and mind piracy.

Junior Achievement (In Nomine): Player characters will be moderately advanced familiars, gremlins, and imps on temporary assignment to a location on present-day Earth, where they’re expected to lure young humans into sin. The most successful team will get promoted to full demonhood. Teams will come up with their own plans for temptation and carry them out.

Fixers (straight GURPS): Player characters will be, not consulting detectives, but consulting criminals: highly skilled professionals for hire by organized crime groups that need their special skills. They can have professional standards but can’t have any objection to breaking the law.

Mad Science High (Big Eyes Small Mouth): Students at a magnet school for weird science study things that man was not meant to know, invent radical new devices, and try to cope with eccentric teachers and scheming classmates.

Capital (Mage: The Ascension): Recently Awakened mages will ally to seek knowledge and power and defend each other against rival orders. Play will emphasize freeform magical feats and their tactical and covert applications—but long-term plots will focus on uncovering hidden truths and acting on them, including truths about the purposes of secretive conspiracies.

Worminghall (GURPS Fantasy): A group of . . . students will encounter the magical arts, town and gown conflicts, and each other. Play will emphasize student life and its rivalries, and the growth of magical knowledge, but will also include real dangers and mysteries.

Eloi (Transhuman Space): Player characters will be Eloi: people who have been successful enough economically to live on their investments and work only for personal satisfaction. Play will focus on social interaction on scales ranging from personal relationships to large-scale memetic campaigns, but centering on community identity and reputation.

Is that any help?
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