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Default Re: Showing levels with Spells

When you print or preview the sheet, a bunch of stuff is sent to the Logging window (if you have that closed, open it), which looks something like this:

Options: Loading charactersheet.gcs.
Options: For charactersheet.gcs created.
Print: Loading charactersheet.gcs.
Print: Device is Adobe PDF
Print: PaperSize is 1
Print: Using sheet options from: charactersheet.gcs
Print: Setting Options.
  charactersheet.GCS (20170201)
You'll see in there a number of references to the sheet being printed. The last line here is the sheet telling you what version it is, in this case the February 1, 2017 version.

If that's not the version you see, or you don't see that output at all, you probably need to run the Data File Update or download and install the current version of GCA from Warehouse 23.

For that matter, if you're not running version 4.0.423 of GCA, you definitely need to update, and update before you run the Data Update! You can grab the Patcher from the Update link above, or a whole new installer which includes everything you need, from Warehouse 23 (if you do that, you don't need the Patcher or the Data Update).

(The current Data Update includes a slightly older version of this sheet than I'm running. You can get the version I'm running, with a couple extra bug fixes, from my character sheet page.)
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