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Default Re: Question for a one-shot demo GURPS Martial Arts game

Originally Posted by lachimba View Post
I am working on a demo game for GURPS at a convention (Likely March at the earliest)

It's an over the top martial arts game where the PCs go from being good, but plausible fighters to Street Fighter, Kung Fu Hustle, Kung Fury -esque over the top.

An idea is to demostrate going from pretty simple GURPS to throwing Chi punches and throwing people through doors.

I'm just looking for a suggestion on how to put that change into a three hour session.

So far I've considered a training montage, some sort of event that triggers their Chi, and/or transition from a film withing a film.

Any thoughts/ ideas?
Three-hours sessions make it a bit tight, since you are basically setting the players up for learning two characters sheets.

I like the idea of a quest to find the "Secret Tibetan Temple", where they are possessed by benevolent spirits which grant them their new Chi powers.

It will need some polish, but I would outline it as:
- Start the group as a friendly group of martial art tournament competitors who are going out to dinner after an international competition hosted in Katmandu or other semi-exotic city near Tibet or the location of your planned temple
- On the way to dinner, have the group get lost and run across a group of thugs beating up on some old guy in an alley (make sure to load the Pregens with disadvantages/quirks like "Dislikes Bullies", "Defend the Weak/Defenseless", etc.)
- If necessary, have one of the thugs insult the PC ("Slink back to your hotel you foreign dogs with weak Kung Fu") to pick a fight. Have the thugs be a mook fight for the PCs were they can reasonably shine and rescue the old guy.
- Have the old guy thank them for their assistance, roll or fake a excellent reaction roll, and have him pass on the location of the temple
- Have the bad guy and minions show up, and the minions give the players a worthy fight (minions as good as the PCs). If the PCs are on the verge of winning, have the Big Bad yell "Enough!" (Kiai attack) and do a Chi wave attack to stun and or blow back all the PC at once. All PCs should be temporarily disabled. He and the minions then grab the old guy from the PCs and take off. Obscuring fog or invisibility art to help their departure as needed.
- Have the old guys' very beautiful 21 year old great great grand daughter come by and help healup the PCs and tell them that they must get to the secret temple before the big bad yadda yadda
- Do the Indiana Jones red pen on map montage as the PCs travel by plane/bus/yak wagon/foot to the temple
- When the PCs reach the temple they can face the guardian monks for a prove your worth fight/challenge or not depending on time
- Have the PC enter the secret chamber of the temple and each be drawn to a separate idol/icon; and once they touch it, they have friendly spirit grant them TBaM and an assortment of Chi powers.
- Then it is time for the Bad Guy's minions to showup at the temple and have another fight with the PCs, this time the minions shredded like mooks due to the PCs new powers/abilities. You will probably need to do a bit of individual training for the players, and how they use the PC's new abilities.
- Then, once again depending on time left, you can have a fight with the big bad and his summoned demons right away (a Boss fight), or have where the PCs have to track them down ... to his secret layer - probably to rescue the grandfather and now kidnapped great-great-grand daughter.

Have fun.
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