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Default Re: [Spells] Why is Command a blocking spell, and how does it work?

Originally Posted by Bruno View Post
One of the favorite Command words locally is "Strip!" - a foe doesn't really get very far in one second unless they're wearing break-away clothing, but it definitely wastes a turn, and they've usually dropped everything their holding and their armor is at least a little looser now.

If they're not wearing armor, you might be lucky enough to catch them with their shirt half over their head, or their pants around their knees, which makes most people pretty vulnerable.
One command that was used in a larp game I participated with a similar spell was "Dogeza". It is to "get down on your hands and knees and bow to the floor" which is one word in Japanese, the language the larp was run in.

The NPC did go down on his knees, but went on a ferociously attack against the mage right after that. It was fun.
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