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Default Re: [Spells] Why is Command a blocking spell, and how does it work?

Originally Posted by dbm View Post
The way I would GM this is a successful roll defeats the attack, just as a parry, block or dodge would. The rest is creative interpretation.
Thank you. That does seems to be the correct interpretation, though it would have been better it the spell description actually mentioned that it can foil an attack. The only reason to suspect that it can foil an attack is that the spell type is "Blocking".

Originally Posted by dbm View Post
Of your suggestions 'drop' is clearly most powerful as the enemy ends up disarmed. For the others, most would cause the person to pause their attack and do what ever it is you are telling them to do, but I wouldn't rule that the effect impacted their next turn in this case, as they are following the command in their current one.
They are not my suggestions. They are written in the spell description in Spells as examples.
It is also mentioned in the spell description that the command such as "Wait!" does affect the next turn.
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