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Default Re: [Ultra Tech] Layering Armour

Originally Posted by jacobmuller View Post
The ballistic armor in UT can be tailored as clothing - I'd consider anything not bulky clothing as okay.
There's a Perk allows you to ignore the inconvenience of your personal quotidian armor choice.

a clothing comparison - I've spend the last two months working in lightweight trousers and short-sleeved lightweight t-shirt.
By January, I'll be wearing standard work trousers with a thermal baselayer. Tops: ls baselayer, ss thermal, ls thermal, ls polo, ls sweater, microfibre jacket, hi-vis vest, and wet days add shower coat and second hi-vis.

Thing is, I don't feel encumbered until I add the showerproof. Summer/Winter, doesn't feel much different but I reckon I hit the -1DX at that third T-shirt, just accustomed to it. Although, the heat is the big factor.

One of the things I've always considered is that part of operating successfully in armour is that you train and acclimatise to operating in armour (to an extent), and IIRC GURPS has no specific ways to show this.

Now some of this can be just done with bonuses to stats that have a knock on effects e.g giving those who train and operate in armour more lifting ST to avoid encumbrance penalises in general.

But in my usual liking for specific solutions to specifics situations I've often considered armour training perks that could for example negate a certain amount of encumbrance (but not absolute weight) it it comes from armour your experienced with.

Or maybe a perk that allows you buy off a layer penalty for specific sets of armour. (call it 'armour bond' if you like)

Depending on what system you use for FP loss I reckon you could have a similar perk for the issue of mitigating operating in heat and armour as well.

As get points out historically people operated in heavy armour and hot climates, but it's also was harder for those who hadn't experienced it or acclimatised to it.

basically there is of course always going to be limit to how much you can acclimatise, but acclimatisation to specific combination of things is most definitely a thing.

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