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Default Re: [Ultra Tech] Layering Armour

The ballistic armor in UT can be tailored as clothing - I'd consider anything not bulky clothing as okay.
There's a Perk allows you to ignore the inconvenience of your personal quotidian armor choice.

a clothing comparison - I've spend the last two months working in lightweight trousers and short-sleeved lightweight t-shirt.
By January, I'll be wearing standard work trousers with a thermal baselayer. Tops: ls baselayer, ss thermal, ls thermal, ls polo, ls sweater, microfibre jacket, hi-vis vest, and wet days add shower coat and second hi-vis.

Thing is, I don't feel encumbered until I add the showerproof. Summer/Winter, doesn't feel much different but I reckon I hit the -1DX at that third T-shirt, just accustomed to it. Although, the heat is the big factor.
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