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Default DFRPG Serialized multi-GM campaign

I've been running a DF adventure at conventions and other events since 2011. I have a collection of pregenerated characters and I've allowed many of the players to make their own characters as well.
Every session started and ended in the tavern so there was no concern about having different players at the table each session.
I've had a few other GMs offer to run it, often so I can be a player.
I'm switching to DFRPG(PBG) and with that switch, I'm ending the old campaign and starting a new one. 21 of the nearly 80 characters transferred to the new setting.
The new campaign will be centered in a huge city and I'm handling the other GMs by letting each of them create an organization that will be their default quest giver. There will be "public" organizations as well, but the owned ones will give their quests a commonality. Maybe each quest is a piece of a puzzle.

I'm sharing this for a few reasons. Primarily because I'm interested in your collective input and suggestions that might help this idea flourish the way I'm hoping it will.
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