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Originally Posted by starslayer View Post
I am not sure of your interpretation, but given that restriction....
Just felt I should address this bit - if you look at the descriptions of the Paths in the RPM book, Path of Body is explicitly only about affecting things that are currently alive, while physical things that are not alive are the purview of Path of Body (Path of Undead gets a special mention, as it applies to those things that are somewhere in between). Notably, the description of Path of Body notes it will affect living trees but not fallen branches, while Path of Matter notes that it will affect dead bodies, and in fact is the Path you need to use to create food.

Personally, I'm not fond of some of those effects, and lean more toward having Path of Body be used on living things and for making food, Path of Matter be used on never-living things, and Path of Undead be used on once-living things (there can occasionally be exceptions to let Path of Body work on recently-living things, and Path of Undead be used on still-living-but-I'd-rather-it-weren't-and-here's-a-spell-for-that things, however, and Path of Matter is probably alright for was-living-a-long-time-ago things).
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