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Default [Ultra Tech] Layering Armour

I'm going to be running a Traveller: Interstellar Wars game soon and I've begun compiling a list of weapons and armour from Ultra Tech that exist in the world (Along with their legality class). Weapons have been fine, but I've hit a small snag with the armour.

In Low Tech, layering one suit of armour over another is generally a -1 to DX, which works fine. In Ultra Tech a lot of the armours are thin enough to pass as every day clothing like t-shirts and jeans. One of my players is interested in layering two or more of these layers of armour, specifically so they can have protection against both ballistic and laser based threats. It seems like Ultra Tech armour should be more friendly to layering than the normal rules would indicate.

I'm considering allowing up to two suits of flexible, concealable armour to be layered before DX penalties begin. Armour will look bulky and be obvious if you're wearing more than one layer. Does this seem reasonable, or are there other things I should consider about layering Ultra Tech armour?
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