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Default Re: Smart linking Turrets: If B-29 had them, then why not?

I use smart-linked turrets, cupolas and sponsons all the time in oversized vehicles.

With 3 4-space turrets and 7 4-space sponsons on a rig with a van trailer smart-linking means lots of overlapping fire arcs. You probably don't want them all controlled by a single gunner as no target will be in all the arcs at the same time, but it can reduce your crew requirement.

We rule that only a single turret is actually aimed (the others just track into it automatically). That means that you can use a single-weapon computer or cyberlink to fire that single weapon.

Best combo so far, Cupola with Cyberlink and VMG with tracer with your best gunner. Smart-link that to a number of other turrets/sponsons with linked pairs of VMGs with HD ammo and you have a devastating volley that would shame a B-25 gunship. This combo can bring a 14 VMGs to an enemy in a rear corner arc. With +1 for the cupola, +3 cyberlink and at least +2 for the gunner skill, you can confidently find your target and sustained fire makes even far away targets attainable (you only have to fire the main gun not the linked guns to build up the bonus).

With trailers you have plenty of weight available. The turrets also mean that the majority of your cargo space is intact. It's an expensive set-up, but rigs need some love. In our campaign skilled gunners are an ongoing expense. You can't afford to carry too many good ones and cheap ones just cost you more in repairs and ammunition.
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