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Default Re: Smart linking Turrets: If B-29 had them, then why not?

Originally Posted by Racer View Post
I haven't the books with me but elsewhere ( CWC 2.5 or UACFH ? ) & in Aeroduel that Smart links can connect two or mote identical Weapons in two or more different locations . I'll look later .

Once again with Car Wars the wording is incredibly vague . Like when Smart Links rather than Links are REQUIRED for weapons L+R on a Trike or to connect LF & LB identical Weapons on an Oversized or larger vehicle etc .
The vagueness is generally due to some editing issues over the years.

Smart links are needed to aim weapons of the same type which are mounted on different locations together at targets which are in the field of fire for all of the weapons.

A few that quickly come to mind:
F/L/R on a trike
Weapons on multiple parts of the long side of oversized vehicles (FR/BR, FL/BL, etc.)
Corner-mounted weapons

One case which isn't spelled out specifically that I can think of is trailers and towing vehicles. As the towing vehicle can fire weapons on the towed vehicle, it seems reasonable that a smart link would work here too.
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