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Default Re: I was hoping for this

Originally Posted by GranitePenguin View Post
Setting a waypoint: How does the system handle movement over long distances? If there are multiple paths to the same place, do you just set the destination, or do you define the entire path? There are good reasons not to take a direct path that should be addressed.
You define the exact path you wish to take, because as you say, there are advantages and disadvantages to certain routes :)

Also, per your message above, the 5:1 is indeed an automatic win so there would be no dice roll required in this instance. The game does recognise this and doesn't show a roll.

Re: animations, you will indeed have the option to turn them off. We're currently in the process of streamlining some of the animations as they went on for slightly too long or had delayed starts. Hopefully you'll all be pleased with how they turn out!

Thanks a lot.
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