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The Pit

A high-mana worldline with extremely twisted mana, The Pit is a harsh rocky orb that's marginally habitable without magic. The twisted mana causes teleport and gateway spells to take huge penalties and fail in especially gruesome ways; other spells are generally safer, but nonetheless produce brilliant electrical arcs as a side effect.

It is also a major banestorm destination -- in particular, bane-bolts striking a single target and whisking them, alone, to The Pit. But the main source of immigration are mages who have teleportation accidents. The Pit is something of a sink, or a magnet, for magically disrupted travelers.

Settlements dot the mountain passes and fjords of the world. The rare fertile valleys even have cities, and in general everywhere you find people you'll find at least a few mages, and often many. Indeed, much of the world is only inhabitable at all with magical water filters, with magically-enhanced food crops, and with magical defenses against the powerful (ordinary) storms... and the cryptozooids, many of which are trapped here as the mages are.

Why, then, is this world filtered under this thread, when it seems like it is neither crosstime nor an organization? Scattered around the world, communicating through careful conduits and occasional long travel, the mages of this world are seeking a way out, ideally to someplace less horribly uninhabitable, but honestly anything to have access to the larger cosmos in general would do. In this sense, they are unified, and even willing to cooperate -- even the demons will work in (a degree of) good faith, or at least in expectation of a copy of the research.

However, it may simply be impossible to magically leave The Pit. A large number of very smart people have been trying for centuries, after all.

However, conveyors don't use magic.... Technological society in The Pit is nowhere better than TL5+1 (Magic), but like I said, there are a lot of smart people in that world. If they get their hands on some of the operating principles, they'd be big trouble.
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