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Default Re: Safe and sound? Everybody okay?

I think we got about nine inches of rain here in North Austin. A major event but not a disaster. I had a power outage for about three hours on Saturday night. I took it as an occasion to read. I looked at the Austin Energy outage map a couple times during the event, and their crews were busy, as one might expect. Still, they kept folks in power pretty well, given a tropical storm (we didn't get hurricane strength here in Austin).

As Andrew said, the real damage is happening in and near Houston. Whole neighborhoods are underwater, and Harvey has gone out into the Gulf before it'll make a turn to make a third (!) landfall near Houston. Consequently, Houston will get a great deal more rain, and the people there can't deal with what they have now.

Slate magazine has a page about where to donate. I agree that food banks seem especially relevant. A lot of folks are going to need to eat in the coming months, and they just lost their homes as well as, in many cases, their jobs. (A lot of businesses are getting destroyed, too.)
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