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Default Re: [DFRPG] The Scholar, Revised

Originally Posted by Davies View Post
The profession's combat skills are on the same level as those of a bard or a thief. Are they ineffective in combat?
Mind control and sneak attacks are force multipliers. The new version of the bard is an effective party buffer as well. The scholar doesn't really have anything comparable (beyond being able to cast a spell or use an enthrallment skill once per day).

I know from when I played one, doing 1d-4 or whatever with a repeating crossbow is pretty non-contributory. Of course DFRPG doesn't even have repeating crossbows.

As to Hidden Lore, consider that since the character no longer needs to spend money on writings to support Book-learned Wisdom, they can spend quirk points to get many Hidden Lore skills.
I'm just not sure why you would want to play one now. Without the modular ability, what makes them cool?

The problem with Wild Talent is that it makes you like a low level wizard in older versions of D&D (or the wizard in HeroQuest), once you pop your ability you are done, if that's the only effective thing you can do. Might as well go for a snack run for everybody else.
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