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Default Re: Dragonflight 2017 Car Wars Tournament Results

It was a good tournament. 4 qualifier games, with the top 2 in each playing in the final. Two games of eight, one of four, and one of six, with seven returning to play in the final.

There were 22 unique players playing in the tournament. A couple of folks who enjoyed the game tremendously played in two qualifier games. One player (the one who went on to win the final) was so determined (and enjoying himself) that he played in three qualifier games.

It had lower attendance than last year, but there were a number of other tournaments being run on the same day which weren't running in 2016. However, it still did quite well compared to the others - I heard that the Catan National Qualifier taking place only garnered 12 players.

Kudos to Michael for picture taking and Tweeting the final as it progressed. I'll see about getting my pictures up soon, and will link to the GOC podcast when it goes up.
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