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Default [DFRPG] The Scholar, Revised Again


Attributes: ST 10 [0]; DX 12 [40]; IQ 16 [120]; HT 12 [20].
Secondary Characteristics: Dmg 1d-2/1d; BL 20 lbs; HP 10 [0]; Will 15 [-5]; Per 15 [-5]; FP 12 [0]; Basic Speed 6.00 [0]; Basic Move 6 [0].
Advantages: Eidetic Memory [5]; Intuition [15]; and Scholarly Improvisation 1 [30]. • A further 30 points chosen from among the following:
ST +1 to +3 [10/level]
DX +1 [20]
IQ +1 [20]
HT +1 to +3 [10/level]
Will +1 to +5 [5/level]
Per +1 to +5 [5/level]
Absolute Direction [5]
Acute Senses (any) [2/level]
Book-learned Wisdom [7/level]
Fearlessness [2/level] or Unfazeable [15]
Higher Purpose (Seek Knowledge) [5]
Jack-of-all-Trades [10/level]
Language Talent [10]
Language [3 or 6 per language]
Luck [15] or Extraordinary Luck [30]
Scholarly Improvisation 2 [30]
Signature Gear [1/item]
Wealth (Comfortable, Wealthy or Very Wealthy) [10, 20 or 30]
Disadvantages: Curious (12) [-5] • Another -10 points chosen from among the following:
Curious (9) [-7] or (6) [-10]‡
Obsession (learn something dangerous) [-5*]
Obsession (prove heretical theory) [-10*]
Overconfidence [-5*]
Truthfulness [-5*]
Xenophilia [-10*]
• A further -25 points chosen from among the following:
Absent-Mindedness [-15]
Bad Temper [-10*]
Clueless [-10]
Hard of Hearing [-10]
Jealousy [-10]
No Sense of Humor [-10]
Oblivious [-5*]
Odious Personal Habit [-5]
Post-Combat Shakes [-5*]
Sense of Duty (Companions) [-5]
Skinny [-5]
Stubbornness [-5]
Skills: One of these 12 point melee weapon packages:
1. Weapon and Shield: Any one of Broadsword-14 [8], Rapier-14 [8], Saber-14 [8], Shortsword-14 [8], Smallsword-14 [8], or Whip-14 [8], and also one of Cloak-13 [4], Shield-14 [4], or Shield (Buckler)-14 [4].
2. Weapon: Any one of Broadsword-15 [12], Rapier-15 [12], Saber-15 [12], Shortsword-15 [12], Smallsword-15 [12], Staff-15 [12], or Whip-15 [12].
• One of these ranged weapon skills.
Crossbow-14 [4]
Lasso-13 [4]
Sling-12 [4]
Throwing-13 [4]
• All of these skills:
Cartography-16 [2]
Hidden Lore (first choice)-16 [2]
Hidden Lore (second choice)-16 [2]
Hidden Lore (third choice)-16 [2]
Observation-14 [1]
Research-16 [2]
Scrounging-15 [1]
Search-14 [1]
Speed-Reading-16 [2]
Teaching-15 [1]
Writing-15 [1]
• Seven of these skills:
Alchemy-13 [1]
Architecture-14 [1]
Climbing-11 [1]
Connoisseur (Art)-15 [1]
Connoisseur (Luxuries)-15 [1]
Diagnosis-14 [1]
First Aid-16 [1]
Hazardous Materials-15 [1]
Heraldry-15 [1]
Hidden Lore-15 [1]†
Hiking-11 [1]
Meditation-14 [1]
Naturalist-14 [1]
Navigation-15 [1]
Occultism-15 [1]
Pharmacy-14 [1]
Physiology-14 [1]†
Poisons-14 [1]
Prospecting-15 [1]
Psychology-14 [1]†
Riding-11 [1]
Savoir-Faire-16 [1]
Stealth-11 [1]
Strategy-14 [1]
Surgery-13 [1]
Survival-15 [1]†
Thaumatology-13 [1]
Theology-14 [1]†
Traps-14 [1]
Veterinary-14 [1]
Weather Sense-15 [1]
* Multiplied for self-control number; see Adventurers p. 55.
† Requires a specialty, see Adventurers p. 72.
‡ Take cost difference from required trait.

Special Scholar Traits

All these traits have the special prerequisite that they cannot be purchased by someone with Illiteracy.

Book-learned Wisdom - 7 points per level

By reading suitable manuals, you can temporarily learn IQ-, Will-, or Per-based skills. You can acquire spells and special skills if you have appropriate manuscripts, but you aren’t exempt from their prerequisites – including Magery and other spells – so mundane knowledge is usually more worthwhile.

Each Book-Learned Wisdom level allows you to hold one piece of knowledge at a time, equivalent to one character point in that skill. To gain that knowledge, you must study a suitable work for two hours. A Speed-Reading roll halves study time, but the GM rolls in secret and any failure means your memory fails you the first time you try to use your newfound wisdom for an adventuring task!

Given the time requirement, memorizing new abilities is typically done in camp. In light of the weight of books, it might even be best to prepare whatever you think you’ll need before you leave town! Still, there will be times when it’s sensible for the whole party to pause while you refresh your memory on obscure lore from a book in your pack.

Higher Purpose (Seek Knowledge) - 5 points

You are a zealous seeker of knowledge. This advantage gives +1 to any roll made to bargain for books, decipher runes, communicate with sphinxes, and so forth. Unlike a Holy Warrior's Higher Purpose, this has only a single level. Just like a Holy Warrior's Higher Purpose, however, you cannot back down from an opportunity to gain knowledge, or you lose the benefit of this advantage until you make amends.

Jack-of-all-Trades - 10 points per level

The breadth of your knowledge allows you an understanding of tasks which you haven't truly studied in any detail. When you roll at default for any skill that permits such a roll, add this advantage's level (maximum three) to your effective level!

Scholarly Improvisation - 30 points per level

This is similar to Wild Talent (Adventurers, p. 54), but the breadth of your knowledge allow you to transcend certain of that ability's limitations. Chiefly, you do not need to have Trained by a Master to use chi skills, Magery or Bardic Talent to use wizardly spells, Power Investiture for clerical spells, or Power Investiture (Druidic) for druidic ones. You can take as many levels of this advantage as you can afford.

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