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Default Re: Darkvision (vanilla and magic -10%)

My rulings:

1. Yes. Same goes for Infravision, Ultravision, Hyperspectral Vision, Microscopic Vision, Telescopic Vision, Penetrating Vision, and Night Vision. These advantages basically alter how your eyes work. Only if you have Injury Tolerance (No Eyes) or Clairsentience (Clairvoyance) do these become detached from the Mark I Eyeball.

2. Yes. Again, same goes for the other Vision type advantages. Of course, if he also has Clairsentience (Clairvoyance), he can use Dark Vision (or any other similar Vision advantage) through that, as it's "displace your other senses". Injury Tolerance (No Eyes) of course makes blindfolds useless or cosmetic.

3. This is a tough one. Bad Sight (Near- and Far-sighted) and Afflictions that afflict Blindness affect Dark Vision normally. Obscure may or may not work; a blizzard or sandstorm would affect normally, a cloud of black smoke is questionable (but I'd rule that it would, because smoke), a field of magical or superhumanly generated darkness would not. Darkness penalties, of course, are totally negated by Dark Vision, so turning off the lights in a room with no other sources won't bother him at all. Brightness penalties (such as having a spotlight shone in your face) probably still apply, but I'd have to look through Enhanced Senses some more to be sure how that works in-play.

4. 360 Degree Vision, Peripheral Vision, and Tunnel Vision all alter the viewing field. If you have Extra Head, or are explaining 360 Degree and/or Peripheral Vision as being extra eyes around the head, then yes, you see out the extra eyes with your Dark Vision.

Hope this helps. What was the nature of the argument?
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