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Default Re: New Technique family of the week: Focussed

Most of these are quite solid! However...

Originally Posted by johndallman View Post
Corruption (Streetwise). This is buying up skill in exploiting corruption: knowing who can be influenced and how, finding ways to make your own corruption seem normal and acceptable, and inducting new people into the club.
This one feels a bit too broad as a technique (I could see it as an optional specialization of Streetwise, though). I think it would be better broken down into "Bribery" (covering estimating the values of bribes and presenting them in a non-offensive and subtle way), "Coverups" (covering keeping criminal activity in general secret), and "Recruitment" (covering judging whether a person is likely receptive to an offer to join a criminal enterprise, and making the offer in a way they'll understand, but isn't blatantly obvious to everyone).
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