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Default Re: Play Half-Breed / Super Munchkin in battle

As you mentioned, according to the rules, you can play a Race or Class card during your own turn. They go further in saying you can do this at any time, so that means you can play them during combat as long as it's your turn. The rules concerning Half-Breed and Super Munchkin say they can be played whenever you can play a Race or Class, assuming you already have the correct type of card in play (i.e., you can't play Half-Breed if you don't already have a Race in play).

So, to provide a clear answer: You can play a Race, Class, Half-Breed, or Super Munchkin during combat as long as it's your turn. Helping in combat doesn't make it your turn, so you can't play those cards during a combat where you're the helper. You can discard any of those cards at any time, even if it's not your turn.
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