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Default Discarding items with "Help me out here"

I don't know english description of this card.
In spanish, it says something similar to this: can discard one item before taking an item from another player

Because it says "can", i suppose it is not needed. If i have an item with 1 hand, and i take an item with 2 hands, can i unequip "1 hand item" and equip the new one? or i need to discard this "1 hand item"?

Can i discard an object that not affects to equip the item taken?
for example: i take an armor, but i want to discard a "Huge rock", because i want to equip another big item on next turn. Can i do this? Can i discard "Huge rock" in any case (equipped or unequipped)?

I have a little question about "Huge rock" (i know it is not the basic purpose of this post, but i was talking about him, and it could help me to resolve this question too)
Can i sell objects to win +1 level, and add this item to objects sold?

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