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Default Dungeon Fantasy RPG template formatting

(I know there's a Dungeon Fantasy thread, but now that some Kickstarter backers have the PDFs, and that we're something like 2 months away from the release, it's probably going to be worth more than one thread.)

I really like the change in the template format used in Dungeon Fantasy. It does take more space, meaning a higher page count for less overall text. This is a disadvantage, but I think it's well worth it. Just from a visual point of view, it's much clearer just what you get and what you choose between with a template, and makes the game feel much less complicated (even though in reality it's exactly as complicated as it was before).

I did like the definition of primary, secondary, and background skills, which is no longer there. However, I can see why you'd not bother to mess with that for DF. That consideration is more important when creating templates.
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