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Default [Phoenix] Tracking Arrows as Ammo

Howdy, Folks!

Prepping a new game and tweaking around the Phoenix character sheet, as usual. Honestly, there are two parts to character creation: actually creating the character (GCA), but also then being able to present that character in a customizable way (Phoenix). I'd be lost without both.

My question: I have the Phoenix option "Print item uses checkboxes in the equipment block?" set to "Yes (with values)", and so when I add equipment like, say, "SMG, 9mm" it adds 'tick-off' boxes of the amount of ammo in the Equipment List.

But when I add "Bow," or "Arrows," or any combination of, I can't seem to get arrows to show up as ammunition, to display tickboxes of how many arrows the character is carrying. I feel like I've done this before in the past, but for the life of me I can't figure it out now.

Anyone have a hint? I've tweaked every Phoenix option that seems applicable with no luck.

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