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Default Re: Adding a New Skill to Talent...

Okay, now this is curious (to revive the question).

If I build the a talent from scratch as _New Talent advantage, using Born War-Leader as an example, I go through the process and the creation wizard provides a list of skills to which the talent will add. It also states that additional skills can be listed through modifiers later (as you pointed out).

However, the skills I choose from the list in the initial creation via the _New Talent advantage do not get the bonus. If I open up the Full Edit menu, the "Gives:" tag says "+1 to { " but lists no skills. In talents that are already built and in the data file it lists a GRP or something. Like GRP: Born War-Leader.

Am I missing something? Does choosing the skills via the creation wizard list not actually do anything? Is the only way to add skills to a talent to add that modifier after the fact?
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