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ME: "Good morning! Imma do so much today!"
SJG: "O Hai! I haz DFRPG PDFs!"
PEOPLE WAITING FOR ME TO DO THINGS: "...Hello?... Where are you all day today?..."

Here's an unwashed handful of observations after initial skimming:
  • Templates: Very nice. Much easier to read. Part of it is due to the Magic of Color; how well will the format carry over to B&W books?
  • No Physician skill? That's a surprise. (I noticed it because of the unusual number of mentions of Esoteric Medicine for healing-related exploits. Well, could be fun...)
  • Perks aren't named "perks", just presented as advantages with 1-pt costs. Nothing wrong with that.
  • The Delvers to Go character raised by Orcs doesn't speak Orcish? Well, I guess they were a tribe that spoke Common. No problem.
  • Delvers to Go nicely includes one of every profession – plus a bonus thief and wizard. Adventurers adds a ready-made knight and cleric. That's 15 ready-to-play PCs!
  • Talents appear to use alternate benefits from the Power-Ups 3: Talents book instead of Reaction Roll mods (with some sensible exceptions). I much approve.
  • Nice selection of weapons. I'm glad to see some of the revised stats from Low-Tech and other books (mainly, higher damage for big axes and the like).
  • Wow, the Armor Table looks a little intimidating. But it includes weights and costs for whole suits, so it's still easy to use for players who don't want to build a suit from pieces. (I'm sure we'll be hearing lots, too, on how the weights are or aren't realistic...)
  • Need to pay a temple for Repair Dismemberment or Resurrection? The costs are printed right on the character forms. This is portentous... : )
  • Cardboard Heroes: Looks like a mix of old and new. Well, I'll withhold judgment for the actual physical minis.
  • The books' art? Hmm... Overall nice, with certain reservations. A topic for another time. (The maps look great!)
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