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Originally Posted by GranitePenguin View Post
I'd be ok with that as long as it's optional (i.e., a setting you can enable/disable, or a mode you can choose when the overrun happens). Is it something that happens only during "turn play" or does it also happen when you are playing "live"? I would not be happy if I was the defense and never got to play in the overrun. The best part about being the defense in an overrun is enjoying the fact you forced it. Imagine having an Ogre on the defense, it would be a real bummer if you didn't get to play the Ogre just because it's in an overrun; that's the BEST time to have an Ogre. Not getting to enjoy that when possible would suck (but it's a good example of when AI would be helpful if PBEM).
I was going to suggest something similar. My preference would be for 3 possible options, with one of them to be selected as part of the initial game setup:
  1. Defender gets their turn every time (except possibly if there's only one possible action, in which case the computer does it and just notifies the defender of the result).
  2. Defender is given a certain amount of time to take their turn before the AI takes it for them (amount of time configurable as part of the game setup).
  3. Defender is AI controlled every time.

Option 2 allows the defender a chance to control things in an overrun if they really want to, but also prevents the game from stagnating too badly. Heck, that could also be put in place for full turns, though I'd expect the timeout for overruns to be in hours or even minutes, while full turns would be in days...

Originally Posted by GranitePenguin View Post
On a related note, how are you handling Cruise Missile attacks? The out-of-turn aspect is similar. Choosing when to fire at the CM matters.
This I'm actually OK with the AI handling, letting it decide the optimal time to fire at the CM. Depending on how it's written it might involve a little "cheating" on the AI's part by knowing if the CM is going to jink away or not, but you could also just have each unit automatically fire as soon as it's in range. It really only makes a difference if there's a chance the CM will cross a distance boundary for an extra +1 on the roll - this is also something that could potentially be configurable on each player's part, though that might be more fiddly than it's worth...
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