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Default Re: Cars Wars: The Card Game expansion?

Originally Posted by jo4114 View Post
So I know this game has been out for a long time but I still see cycle through the local game store shelves.

Why no expansion for this? My buddies and I play this all the time in between heavier games. Inevitability the topic turns to expansion possibilities.

Ideas like:

MiniGun special: deals 2x machine gun damage (would require something to track this)

Radar Guided: if a player plays a swerve card against a missile a radar guided counter would negate but still deal swerve tire damage

Mines: same as paint spray but would deal tire damage

Malfunction: a 1 time card that could be played to cause any players cards to malfunction 1 time (guns, specials, ejection seat, etc.)


Anyone ever kick this around?
There was an article in Pyramid 16 with cycles, spikes, and linked weapons.

The current edition has quite a few cards that the original one did not. (I suspect that these new items might have originally been planned for an expansion, as I seem to recall some of them being mentioned in an article by the game's designer). And the new edition is only a few years old.

There are a couple of promo cards too if you don't have them. I suspect that if any new items get added that they are likely to be promo cards rather than a full expansion.

My Car Wars group back in the day did kick around some card ideas. But that was a long time ago for my memory.
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