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Default Re: Ideas for GURPS Community Licensing

I would definitely support any effort towards improving community/3rd party licensing rules around GURPS. I think it would strongly improve GURPS' presence on the market, the same way video games with user created content support and mods are generally doing better than video games without any of that in terms of player engagement, sales, etc.

I'm not sure we about the "levels", however. Those would require some kind of investment from SJG to proof read, review, etc. community material in order to give those seals of approval, and I don't see that happening.

I can't think of anything else at this point besides just convincing somehow SJG to let people publish GURPS stuff on Warehouse23 or (oh my!) other stores like DTRPG. GURPS logos and official styles can be forbidden, and instead some alternate templates/logos can be provided so those products are never to be mistaken for "official" ones...
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