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Default Re: THS Adventure: Orbital Decay

Originally Posted by capnq View Post
Maybe you could scrap the whole crisis and just use it as a space station. Then you just need another reason for the PCs to visit.
That was exactly what was done with it in the first THS campaign I played. It was a derelict station in LEO; it had to be moved to allow for the Olympus Project; we were a crew of Vacuum Cleaners with a contract to move it.

The first anomaly was a warm spot inside the hub, which turned out to be a commercial nuclear demolition charge (for asteroid mining) where someone had failed to start the timer, but was otherwise armed. One we'd dealt with that, it turned out that a terrorist group had been using it to develop a bioweapon. Definitely a station to be investigated by well-backed-up infomorphs in expendable bodies.
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