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Default Re: THS Adventure: Orbital Decay

Originally Posted by Owen Smith View Post
Orbital Decay is not at all representative of THS. It is a horror adventure in the mould of Alien, shoe-horned into THS. It does not fit any of the core premises that THS is about.
Agree, OD is completely atypical of the THS setting. I've had a copy of OD for years, and was just wondering if I could make some use of it, and save myself some prep time, for a Con game. Maybe as a SciFi Splatterpunk Horror game?

Originally Posted by Owen Smith View Post
If you like Orbital Decay the adventure, move it to a campaign background that it is suited to.
Drop the THS and just make it a Generic Space setting, that may work.

Originally Posted by Owen Smith View Post
Oh and the orbital mechanics in Orbital Decay are terrible (it's been a while since I read it so I've forgotten the details). But then almost no-one ever bothers to get that sort of thing right.
Having a OTV decrease the speed of a space station 100 times it's mass
so that it would deorbit from HEO within 12 hours with a collision ... yeah, that doesn't pass the sniff test.

I'm not sure it would work even in a LEO, even if the OTV hit and stuck, and then only thrusted when the alignment was optimal for de-orbiting the station.

Maybe the better destruction scenario would be to put it into a collision path with an orbiting weapons platform in 12 hours. The weapons platform would destroy the station to protect itself.
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