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Default Re: GCA Sorcery Data File - Sorcery Talent

I finally figured out why some spells weren't appearing. It took a while because it didn't occur to me that someone would complain about not finding spells after loading the Dungeon Sorcery file when the description states that it "removes spells rated as inappropriate" specifically those listed as inappropriate for Dungeon Fantasy in Pyramid 3 82.

As to the alternative ability modifier. I considered including it but didn't for a few reasons. One was that I personally prefer adding it after picking spells so that if I want to have more than one active I can tell exactly which one is most expensive without checking the book if the point cost are close. Second the Taboo Trait is set up based on whether Sorcerous Empowerment has more points than the full cost of the spell. If I changed it to accommodate including the alternative ability I'd either have to set it to needing points in Sorcerous Empowerment be greater than 5 times the spell cost (which might cause rounding error issues) or to a static cost which would cause problems if you add new Enhancements or Limitations. Which leads into the third reason. I expect people to want to add tweaks to the spells to fit their vision of how magic works in their games. I also expect some people to want to switch the power modifier to change spells to super powers, PSI abilities etc.

By the way Eric B Smith, you mention one spell has a problem when you add alternative ability but not which one. Which spell was it?

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