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Default Re: [DF] Cleric Spell Lists - Where at?

Originally Posted by evileeyore View Post
Side note: I'm trying to decide if I should include the Shaman spell list in my calculations. As with the Elder list, it's really going to throw some numbers off... but mostly just in the "roughly how many spells should each PI level have" category, rather than the "These Are Must Use Spells" category.
The Shaman is a definite outlier because the Shaman is designed as an Ally-based summoner with some spells on the side - as are the other summoners in the book. That the Shaman's spell list looks like a Cleric list in design is somewhat coincidental, just as the Necromancers list resembles a very limited Mages spell list in design (complete with a new prerequisite tree). The lack of spell list breadth is meant to be made up for with the access to the Summonable Ally advantages. If you're doing an examination of Cleric spell list size I wouldn't ignore the Shaman, rather I would exclude it in the main data and use it as an example of an alternative to larger spell lists.
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