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Default Re: GCA Sorcery Data File - Sorcery Talent

Originally Posted by rkbrown419 View Post
Did you load Gurps Powers before the Sorcery files. That is required too. It includes several of the modifiers the spells use.
Note that modifiers are created in the file that calls/adds them, so you do not need to load a data file just to gain access to modifiers from another file. If you are referencing other traits from another data file it is recommended you use the Requires= line at the top of the data file so it will pitch an error if the user doesn't load it; it looks like you did use it in Sorcery.gdf

Originally Posted by rkbrown419 View Post
They come up under advantages on my GCA. Could advantages not appearing result from the file being for the current GCA release and the user having an older version or might that result from the powers file not being loaded?
That should only happen if you use #Clones to duplicate a trait or adds() to add an existing trait. Even with adds() the original trait (i.e. the spell itself) will show up, it's just the sub-trait that wouldn't appear. For me the Minor Healing sorcery spell is showing up in the advantages correctly.

Looking things over quickly one thing you probably should do is add the "Alternative Ability" modifier to the modifier group for <Sorcery Spells>. I'm sorely tempted to say that Alternative Ability should be added as a default modifier to all spells, given my understanding of how Sorcery Spells work almost all spells will be given that price discount unless the player chooses to pay extra on his most expensive spell(s) to allow two (or more) to be on at the same time - in which case it's easier to remove one modifier than add a modifier multiple times.

I also just noticed that adding the Alternative Ability modifier to one of the spells results in an incorrect point cost being added to the spell attribute, since that is based on the final cost of the "attribute." This can be corrected by changing the gives() tag of spells to the following:
=+(me::points * @if(@hasmod(Alternative Ability) then 5 else 1)) to ST:XXXX
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