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Default Re: Trying to understand Sorcery with GCA

I am not overly familiar with Sorcery, as it's a supplement I haven't really read through. My basic understanding of how it works is that each of the spells is an Alternative Ability of the Sorcerous Empowerment advantage; the structure of the Sorcery rules is set up in such a way as Sorcerous Empowerment is always the most expensive of the abilities in the Alternative Ability group. As such, their point cost cannot exceed the point cost of Sorcerous Empowerment. So in GCA when it's looking at Sorcery Points or Flame Jet Points it's literally comparing the number of points spent of Sorcerous Empowerment or Flame Jet, respectively, to make sure that you have not spent more points on Flame Jet than on Sorcerous Empowerment.

I'm not sure of the exact working of the data file, as I have not looked that file over yet let alone tried messing with it. I discussed several options with RKBrown on how to handle the point cost restrictions, I'm just not 100% sure on what he settled on.
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