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Default GCA Sorcery Data File - Sorcery Talent

I need some help using the GCA Data file for Sorcery
I have it loaded into GCA
However when I search the Advantages, I cannot find the Sorcery Talent
When I search the spells, I cannot find the Minor Healing spell.
When I open the Data file they are both listed there.
However the entry for Sorcery Talent seems incomplete;
Sorcery Talent, 10/20,displaycost(10/20+),upto(4),mods(_Talents, _Power Talents, Paranormal),gives(+1 to SK:Innate Attack (Beam), +1 to SK:Innate Attack (Gaze), +1 to SK:Innate Attack (Breath), +1 to SK:Innate Attack (Projectile), +1 to
To answer some quick questions:
-I have the Data files loaded in the proper order;
Sorcery Plus
Dungeon Sorcery
Sorcery Protection and Warning
-I can see most other data from the Sorcery Data File like Sorcery Empowerment
-I have the latest updates to GCA and the Data Files

Any help here would be greatly appreciated

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