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Default Similar Games to Zombie Dice?

Hey everyone, I am learning so much on this forum after only playing Munchkins for the first time a couple weeks ago, and since then I have bought a copy of Zombie Dice and Cthulhu Dice along with some Munchkin expansion packs and me and my friends are having a blast playing it. It has taken over our nightly ritual after work (so long TitanFall 2) but we are starting to get the itch for something more.

I read that the only other SJ dice game is Proteus, and it doesn't seem that interesting to me. I like playing Zombie and Cthulhu dice as mentioned so I am looking for a dice game similar to those that we can play after work to unwind for a little bit. Thanks in advance everyone!

I have ordered some of the games that I was interested on here such as Chupacabra and Mars Attacks, and I also found some really weird board and dice games that were being sold at that I picked up just so we have a weird game to break out at the end of the night for a tie breaker. Can't wait for the next night off me and my friend share!

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