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Default Re: GURPS Vehicles: Steampunk Conveyances

Originally Posted by dbm View Post
Are you teasing us, or teasing a resurrected project?
There's a subtle difference between "gaslight romance" and "gaslamp fantasy". Let's just enjoy what we've got, and leave the future for the future.

Originally Posted by Phil Masters View Post
And you get an actual torpedo ram, a pre-dreadnought, a hansom cab, a Stanley steamer, Le Géant, Wells's very own land ironclad, the Steam Man of the Prairies, the Mallard, L'Obéissante, and Santos-Dumont's one-man airship, among many other things. I think all of those are new to GURPS.
I recognize more than a few of those as real-world vehicles - Hansom cab, Stanley Steamer, and Santos-Dumont's one-man airship, to name just three. I wasn't expecting real-world vehicles in a steampunk supplement... although I have no idea why not.
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