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Default Re: Introducing: Munchkin Spell Skool

Speaking of "Introductions", tonight we played Spell Skool with a friend's family that had never played any Munchkin type game before. There were five playing and three of us helping. Before we played I thought a demo, along the lines of Marked for Death, might be helpful. But I didn't want to use Marked for Death itself because the Races do not exist in the base Spell Skool game (among other reasons). So, I myself tried throwing together 17 cards from the Spell Skool set in order to mock up a demo for our five newbies.

This is the card list which I pulled together, and I'd be interested in feedback - or, it may help you mock up your own demo if you share the love that is Munchkin with new players to Spell Skool ...

Doors (9, stacked in this order)
Potion Club
Forbidden Magic Club
Curse! Dodgeball!
Cub Reporter
Sasquatch Jr.

Treasures (8, stacked ...)
Academic Ad Visor
Fire Drill
Chocolate Slugs
Lern 2 Spel
Robe of Reprisal
Overstuffed Backpack
Speak Hamstertongue
Ring of Reacquisition

Then, you can follow the intention of the Marked for Death "script". What do you think?

We had loads of laughs over crushing monsters, looting the Skool, and cursing our buddies.
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