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Default Harmony Gold vs. BattleTech, Round N

First, here's a video explaining a bit about what's going on. I provided SidAlpha with a good deal of the backstory, so any errors are likely my own:

Since that video was made, more information has become public, mainly Harmony Gold's amended complaint that added more artwork and roped in InMediaRes (the parent company of Catalyst Game Labs, current publishers of tabletop BattleTech), plus the responses from Piranha Games and Harebrained Schemes. Here's a link to the case documents:

Of particular interest are items 25, 31, and 38, which are (respectively) Piranha's response, Harmony Gold's amended complaint, and Harebrained's response. I am not a lawyer, so I am posting this without commentary for public interest.

Update 16 AUG 2017:

Leonard French's video:
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