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Originally Posted by chris the cynic
Something I don't understand, probably covered at length in more than one supplement I don't have, how can etherals be killed?

I mean lets say one morning I've got a million people worshiping Bob the Big Guy in the Sky, and then Urial comes along in the afternoon and kills Bob the Big Guy in the Sky.

But tomorrow morning I've still got a million people worshiping, and believing in, Bob the Big Guy in the Sky.

If etherals are created by belief how can they be destroyed without either wiping out or converting their believers?
Well, Bob Himself can be killed, and then the Essence generated by his believers may or may not coalesce into another ethereal. There are lots of things people believe in that don't make ethereals. Vice versa, killing Bob cuts out a lot of the support structure he used to answer worshipers' prayers, which cuts into his believer base eventually. Obviously, the less likely ethereal generation is (and in my campaign, it's pretty unlikely; Nybbas' control over media exposure boosts your chances so much that some ethereals are panting to do the Famous Prince favors), the more effective this strategy will be.

Finally, even if a new Bob does coalesce, he may hear about what happened to his predecessor and decide to lay off the humans, considering the consequences. Now you just have to wean his worshipers away.
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