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Originally Posted by sir_pudding View Post
Ghosts can still make shadows; meatbrain people can make shadows. I don't see why you can't experience your shadow's experience at the level of a sensie, which maybe isn't as good as merging, it probably is good enough.
It's still a time-consuming process to sit through the shadow's sensie feed.

*AIs also can audit sensie feeds, so there may be *AI-moderated alternatives like:
1) letting the auditor place the subject into a hypnogogic state and feed the relevant events and perceptions to them at high speed similar to the way humans can confabulate hours or days of events in a few seconds after a suggestive stimulus during sleep.
2) letting the auditor be a "second narrator" who monitors the subject's internal dialogue and inserts flashbacks to as-yet-unmerged events when they seem relevant.

Another, more drastic long-term solution could be isolating the brain hemispheres of each ghost version and reconnecting them to their counterparts so that they can expose their memories and streams of consciousness to one another without interference from trauma or other damage that usually accompany dividing the hemispheres in split-braincases studied so far.
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