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Default Questions

These are related to how the maps work and how they can be shared..

Community Sharing - Will there be a facility to share setups? In particular, will it be possible to import/export scenario setups? It would be really nice to be able to download fan-made scenario setups (customs overlay maps, etc) so you don't have to manually recreate the setups yourself.

Map Tiling - How big can you make maps? One assumes all the scenarios from at least ODE would be available, so that would require being able to combine maps to make larger maps (eg, combine G1 and S1). Another aspect of this is being able to use half maps. The ODE maps are split in half into North and South sections and it's possible to combine the North half of one with the South half of another to make a single "full-sized" map (eg, G1North with S1South).

Scenario Specific Rules overrides - With the various collections of scenarios out there, a number of them have special rules that aren't official. For example, units being able to move into hexes they would normally not be able. Are movement rules (in particular) going to be hard-fixed, or will it be possible to override and make an invalid move? In general, at least for multiplayer human online play, there should be a way to override rules to allow for flexibility. This would obviously be a lot harder for AI players.
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