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Default Re: my new campaign ideas

Originally Posted by whswhs View Post
Well, I'd say that one or more of the following obtains:

1. You're all being overambitious about what you attempt
2. Your GM is imposing excessively difficult tasks that require too many successes
3. Your GM is not enforcing time limits appropriate to an action-focused campaign

I'm sure that I did have extended castins in my campaign. But most of what happened in it was resolved with quick casting, sometimes opposed. So what you're running into isn't inherent in the game mechanics; it's a choice of play style.
I'm not sure about ambition. Pretty much anything worthy the 2nd and 3rd sphere levels requires 4+ successes. A simple skill-buff requires three for the three levels of difficulty reduction and at least one for a duration of a single scene. Mind-reading and -changing with any reliability tends to require 5-10. Killing a nephandic monster with a mind-blast takes 5-10 for damage, about 4 to get past a remote connection.

The GM and I are occasionally discussing houserules that would trade multiple rolls for one at the cost of each roll taking significantly more time. As it stands, RAW seems to perversely incentivize casting in full time otherwise.
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