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Originally Posted by vicky_molokh View Post
Yes, we're doing extended casting. Even three successes tends to be not enough for most situations we run into, so we have to spend our time extending it.
Well, I'd say that one or more of the following obtains:

1. You're all being overambitious about what you attempt
2. Your GM is imposing excessively difficult tasks that require too many successes
3. Your GM is not enforcing time limits appropriate to an action-focused campaign

I'm sure that I did have extended castins in my campaign. But most of what happened in it was resolved with quick casting, sometimes opposed. So what you're running into isn't inherent in the game mechanics; it's a choice of play style.

Mind you, there may be other valid concerns about MtA or about OWoD. I get, for example, that having from one to five dots doesn't give you high resolution in character definition—though they equate roughly to stats of 8, 10, 12, 14, and 16 in GURPS terms, so unless you're going for really high-end characters GURPS has about twice the resolution (classic FUDGE, with seven values from Terrible to Superb, is kind of in between). I didn't find that crippling, but the system does go for broad strokes rather than nuances.
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