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Default Re: my new campaign ideas

Originally Posted by whswhs View Post
The one local player who's returned a questionnaire has said that the Mage campaign is his top choice, but he would really prefer to play in GURPS: Mage the Ascension. I don't quite get that; I really like the OWoD system a lot, and I was very happy with running my one Mage campaign in it.
I agree with him. I've played OWoD Storyteller Mage, GURPS Mage, and a Frankenstein combination of Storyteller Mage, D&D and RuneQuest.

There are two things I like about GURPS Mage as opposed to Storyteller Mage. One is the dice system: I find it easier to grasp what my odds of success are like with the 3d6 bell-curve than with a pool of d10s and a variable target number. The 3d6 is less "swingy" than the d10s, and a bit more predictable.

The other is the character modelling: there was something in White Wolf's ideas about how people behave that I've never quite grasped. This makes it hard for me to deal with the representation of personalities in Storyteller, whereas I can do it fairly easily in GURPS or Hero System.
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