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The Storyteller system has many issues that range from 'a matter of very polarized preference' all the way to 'game engine design positively messed up and not thought through'.
I've run several campaigns with rules systems I will never use again: Space 1889, Godlike, In Nomine, Marvel Heroic Roleplaying. In each case I found applying the rules frustrating and the results unsatisfying, even though the idea initially sounded cool. That wasn't at all the case with M:tA: I thought the game initially sounded cool, and in fact the campaign was cool, and the game mechanics not only didn't hinder the coolness but actively contributed to it.

My experience as a player in Changeling: The Dreaming was comparable. I didn't end up keeping it on my shelves, because its mythos didn't speak to me as much, and I couldn't imagine running a campaign in it. But playing it was a lot of fun.
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