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Default Re: my new campaign ideas

Originally Posted by whswhs View Post
The one local player who's returned a questionnaire has said that the Mage campaign is his top choice, but he would really prefer to play in GURPS: Mage the Ascension. I don't quite get that; I really like the OWoD system a lot, and I was very happy with running my one Mage campaign in it.
OK, I've played Werewolf, GURPS Werewolf (with some of the same characters converted), and GURPS Mage (Elizabethan customised variant based on MtA 1e).

Various things rub me wrong about oWoD to the point where I'd rather not play it again.
  • I find it very difficult to get a hold on a character and what they consider important: I know all about their cool powers and supernatural vulnerabilities, but almost nothing about their personality. (GURPS Disadvantages are great for this. FATE Aspects might do it well too.)
  • I find it all very granular and low-resolution.
  • If level 2 is typical competent human and level 3 is best possible human, then shouldn't level 3 feel like something special?
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