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Default Re: my new campaign ideas

If I were in a position to play:

2 GURPS Mars [4th edition GURPS]: An inhabited Mars in the nineteenth century, which people from Earth have begun to visit.

Would depend a lot on the specific activities but I'd probably enjoy this.

1 GURPS Space [4th edition GURPS]: A campaign about frontier life.

Not sure where it would go, but one of the things I notice about your campaigns is that you often have PCs going off and doing their own things more than acting as a group.

5 GURPS Supers

I don't get on with supers in general. I'm working up a short campaign now, and when I've done more on that I may have a better idea of what it is about standard supers that annoys me.

4 Mage: The Ascension [2nd edition]: A campaign about secret magic in the modern world.

I love the idea, but I can't get on with the system. Run it as GURPS Mage and this would be #2.

3 Sorcerer (part of the World of Darkness): A campaign about the slow failure of civilization.

Again, make this GURPS and this would be my #1. (Thoguh I wouldn't trust most GMs to make "failure of technology" something I could believe in.)
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